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The Tualatin Valley Youth Football League, Inc. (TVYFL) is a non-profit organization that promotes youth football for K through 8th grade youth in the Tualatin Valley, Portland and Salem Metropolitan areas in Northwest Oregon.  Our goal is to provide safe and enjoyable athletic competition while developing good sportsmanship and individual growth.

Founded in 1996,  the TVYFL now boasts over 50 associations, approximately 6,500 players and 1000+ volunteers.

  • To foster the ideals of teamwork, good sportsmanship, good citizenship and character as well as the beneficial opportunities of becoming positive examples for others. 
  • To advance balanced and sportsmanlike competition in youth football with a strong focus on Player Safety and the rules and coaching methods to facilitate both.
  • To educate players, parents, coaches and the community about the game of youth football and the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  • To reinforce the primary importance of schoolwork in elementary school and middle school students lives.


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The objective of the TVYFL is to provide a fun athletic environment while facilitating youth in benefitting from participation in team sports within a structured environment. Through this active participation, our program builds fundamental values, skills, knowledge and character that our youth will use throughout their lives.

TVYFL strives to inspire youth, regardless of race, creed or national origin, to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and physical fitness.

Have Fun:

  • To ensure a safer and positive playing environment for all participants.
  • Provide fun learning opportunities.
  • To instill life-long values of character, teamwork, leadership and resilience with a superior work ethic on and beyond the playing field.

Play Safe:

  • There are strict mandatory equipment requirements.
  • TVYFL requires yearly certification of sound techniques through our partnership with USA Football.
  • An enforced rule book emphasizes safety while incorporating time-tested rules.

Increase Participation:

  • To encourage and increase youth participation in football.
  • No tryouts or cutting of rosters.
  • Everyone participates under minimum play requirements at each level.