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Player Safety

Our player's safety is top of mind at all times for Tualatin Valley Youth Football League's Board of Directors and our Coaches.  We want to be sure that you have all of the information that you might need to answer questions that you might have or that someone else may ask you.

Here are the important things to know

  • We have a Safety Coordinator and Safety Coaches on each Rookie Tackle team and Senior Tackle Team.  Our Safety Coordinator ensures that all of our Safety Coaches are properly trained and will be doing more out reach to parents during the 2020 season.

  • All injuries are tracked through a TVYFL Injury Tracking App.  This allows real-time tracking of an injury and the circumstances that lead to the injury. This data is then analyzed to identify changes that can be instituted to further reduce injuries.

  • All of our Coaches are certified through USA Footballs Heads up training.  This includes the following key components: Concussion Recognition and Response, Heat Preparedness and Hydration, Sudden Cardiac Arrest training, how to properly fit equipment, proper teaching of shoulder tackling and blocking, coaching 101- learn the roles of coaches and keys to communication with players and parents, practice plan and skill development, and standards for a safer game.  Learn more here

  • All Coaching Staffs have a Head Coach, Safety Coach and at least 1 other coach that are First Aid and AED certified outside of the USA Football Certification.

  • All of our coaches are compliant with the new Federal Safe Sports Law passed at the end of 2018.

  • All TVYFL Youth Football Coaches, Board Members and team parents pass an extensive background check that covers all 50 states.

  • All of our coaches are Heads Up Certified and we follow all of the same practice protocols prescribed by the OSAA.  This includes live/contact drills, live practice etc.  Learn more about USA Football and heads up program at

  • We follow All OSAA safety rules including heat index rules, AED on site, air quality, heat and hydration, you can get all information here: 


Other resources pertaining to safety and concussion

The Football Decision by Dr. Uzma Samadani:

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