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Registration to play is managed through our member Associations. Students should register for the association that aligns with their high school boundary (i.e. the high school the student will attend based on their home address).

BOUNDARY VERIFICATION: If any student wishes to participate for an association other than where the student resides the student shall be required to have a waiver. The waiver is within the sole discretion of the presidents of the two member associations at issue and must be signed by the president of the association where the student resides and the president of the association where the student would like to participate. Inter-association waivers must be fully completed and approved. 

PRIVATE SCHOOL STUDENTS: Students attending private school during the Leagues season or students who have an approved public school intra or inter-district transfer may choose the association that provides the most convenience in consideration of travel and family arrangements.  The Student may play in either the association in which boundaries the student resides or the association the school street address is in, without any waiver.  If the student desires to play in any other association than as specified here a waiver is required.

QUESTIONS: Questions regarding individual player registration should be sent to your member association.