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The Tualatin Valley Youth Football League (TVYFL) follows the National Federation of High School Association’s (NFHS) Football Rules and the Oregon School Activities Association’s (OSAA) Handbook unless specified in this document. Rules set forth in this document take precedence in cases when NFHS, OSAA and TVYFL policies differ. 

These rules are not "handed down from on high". They are not designed to take the fun out of the game or raise money for the league. All rules and fines are the result of Association member's input for which approval is granted via majority vote by Association members. Further, every offseason Association members can request and approve changes to the rules and League Operations. In summary, the Board for the TVYFL do not make the rules; the Association members do. The TVYFL is only a governing body.

The members of the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League resolve that the following rules and regulations have been adopted and ratified by a majority vote of the TVYFL Membership. 

TVYFL League Operations Guide

TVYFL Rules of Play